Big and Small: Chinese Lanterns

Nikon D60, 55-300 lens at 82mm, 1/25s at f9, ISO 1600


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5 Responses to Big and Small: Chinese Lanterns

  1. Martelle says:

    Great Photo Toby. where did you get this? Bamboo House?

    • tobias077 says:

      Thank you. This is actually the book store on main street. I really was having a hard time finding something that was just right

  2. Martelle says:

    Very cool I don’t think I have ever been in there. The lighting in the shot had me thinking restaurant. I had three shots to choose from but the others seemed forced. I relent to the fact that weekends with Sarah will tend to lean in her direction. It is what it is. She is my greatest subject

  3. tobias077 says:

    I fully expected that and look forward to it

  4. J-P says:

    Great composition.

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