Shadows: Lurking

Lurking Children

Nikon D60, 18-70mm, 1/1000s at f/5.0, ISO 100

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4 Responses to Shadows: Lurking

  1. tobias077 says:

    i love how the child on the right looks like she is standing on the frame of the picture

  2. Martelle says:

    I saw this and right away said to myself “Tim Burton”. Seems very sinister to me. Congrats! You go from Puppies to this. what wrong with you. your a sick man JP, a very sick man.
    All jokes aside great work once again. tremendous photo
    question did you have to pose the kids or were you lucky to catch this shot?

  3. Martelle says:

    Nice observation Toby. It’s a cool photo in a lot of ways

  4. J-P says:

    Thanks. I told the kids to “strike a pose” before taking the shot.

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