Light: Building Twilight


Building Twilight

Nikon D60, 18-70mm at 31mm, 1/320s at f/4.0, ISO 100


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4 Responses to Light: Building Twilight

  1. Martelle says:

    I felt like I had to rush in to check to see if that was the view outside our office and it is, although I must say that looking at the building today it looks drab in comparison to this picture. Nice work as always

    oh and dedication to the shot is one thing but sleeping in the office to get it. Your a better man than I

  2. tobias077 says:

    Awesome is all I can say

  3. looks straight out of a biz magazine ad-very nice!

  4. bedirhansolo says:

    Fantastic timing on the sun and the flare!

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