Off Center: Diner Sconce

Diner Sconce

Nikon D60, 18-70mm at 34mm, 1/30s at f/4.2, ISO 800

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2 Responses to Off Center: Diner Sconce

  1. Martelle says:

    Not much I can say about the taking of the photo itself. Looks great. Best part in my mind is the selction of the subject matter. A lot of character here. I dont know why I tend to think movies with your stuff but this to me is very Tarantino Pulp Fiction kind of setting. Good find Assuming this was taken in NYC. I dig it

  2. I love the convergence of the different textures and elements, hard-soft from the brick and smooth walls/wood, dark-light from the shadows and dark, and the geometrics. Very cool.

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