Off Center: Thoughts


About hayleygoldner

Hayley. Senior in high school.
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8 Responses to Off Center: Thoughts

  1. tobias077 says:

    I love the starkness of this picture.

  2. Martelle says:

    I have discussed this shot with toby already and I agree with him. I think a little sadness also come across. the posing is great. hard to put a finger on it but something draws me in. I think there is a lot of angst in your work ie “I love Lamp”…very punk rock in a way.

    keep em coming. I look forward to future work

  3. Martelle says:

    I think I speak for the regulars here that if you ever have any question on how something was shot or how to do something for your own work dont hesitate to ask. a project like this with the friendly collaborations that we have going on can really help and can help push your work. I think all of us would say that we are getting better just being involved in this project.

  4. hayleygoldner says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. tobias077 says:

    I kinda like you’re blatant disregard for cropping rules

  6. J-P says:

    I think this is my favorite shot of yours. The monotone look gives a bleakness and adds to the mood. Her glance at the emptiness echoes the colors and adds to the dispair. It’s full of emotion.

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