Halloween: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Nikon D300, 50mm, 1/60s at f/1.8, ISO 200

The MECA folks put on a Día de Los Muertos Festival at the historic Dow School in Old Sixth Ward each year. Two of the classrooms serve as a gallery space, showcasing works by the artists of Mariposa Studios.  I love paper lanterns and thought they added a bit of magic to the night.

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4 Responses to Halloween: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

  1. Martelle says:

    Add magic it certainly did. I really like this shot. really like your work to be honest. i was hoping I might as you some questions as to how it was shot outside of the settings listed. where was the white balance on this? did you shoot on auto or did you adjust. It would seem to have a green leaning to me. Did you have to do a lot in post production and last was this tripod or hand held?

    I ask because I’m always in the process of learning. I want to get better and I really like your work.



  2. fliphappy says:

    hi B, that’s very nice of you to think so, and i’d be glad to share:
    a) the white balance on my camera is set to auto. i knew it was likely a rare moment to have this space empty, so i try not to tinker too much, esp. with what little light was left outside that evening.
    b) i run all pictures through Adobe Lightroom, which provides basic editing and cataloging capabilities. this one was slightly cropped with emphasis placed on the lighter tonal values and a slight increase in the temperature value. i think this one took about a minute or two to edit.
    c) handheld — the aperture on this lens is truly amazing, and i’m looking forward to trying it out with a tripod at some point.

    hope this helps. : )

  3. Martelle says:

    Thanks for the Info. description makes perfect sense. really is just very simply beatifully shot.

    I just priced out lightroom 3 and the new version of photoshop. take the next step so to speak and i have a friend that’s a photographer that is going to show me how to use it. very pricey though. just have to take the hit.

    I agree with you on that lens. it’s my favorite as well and keep it on my camera most times. just did some nightime stuff over the weekend with it. Most of this is just example of me playing around with setting and just having fun…..learning, but here check this link if you like


  4. fliphappy says:

    i think making it fun is one of the best ways to learn – keep it up! and thanks for sharing the link, i particularly enjoyed the one taken of the inside the cafe looking out. : )

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