Hot or Cold: Braving the Cold

iPhone 3Gs, Hipstamatic App

Walked by a school of little maple leaves askew in the snow and thought my favorite latte looked so nice next to this one.

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2 Responses to Hot or Cold: Braving the Cold

  1. Martelle says:

    fliphappy how do you get the description below the picture like that. I’m lost please help.

    by the way although I did not comment until now I am a fan of this shot. you have a great way of making us guys with our SLR’s feel real small with these submissions taken with an Iphone or atleast I feel that way.

    really is a cool shot. the coffee cup itself is a work of art

  2. fliphappy says:

    hey martelle, sure thing!

    for the “Walked by…” description part, it the actual text entry into the posting. i first insert the image into the post. then i’ll write text directly below the blurb of code that gets converted into the image after publishing. then i hit the “publish” button. hope that helps…

    thanks for the kind words. glad you enjoy it as much as i do, as it has many of favorite simple little things — fall leaves, the best latte, a walk in the snow and iPhone in hand (or pocket rather).

    and seriously, no reason to ever feel small. what isn’t visible to the eye are the years of walking around and just shooting whatever is of interest, with all sorts of cameras. along the way, i began to figure out what light actually looks like, how to compose elements in a picture that was meaningful to me and stuff like that.

    there’s a photographer named Chase Jarvis who evangelizes that the best camera is the one that’s with you, whatever camera it happens to be. for me, it’s mostly the iPhone…

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