Holiday: making a little bit of sweet

Canon PowerShot SD890 IS, 1/6 sec @ f/3.2, ISO 80

i adore gifts from the heart. so when i can, i try to make something in the kitchen, handmade little things that i can put bits of love into and share with folks. this is David Lebovitz’s recipe for salted caramels, with a touch of pink flakes from the Murray River in Australia and Hawaiian sea salt infused with black charcoal, and it was deliciously fun to stir up over the stove!

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3 Responses to Holiday: making a little bit of sweet

  1. Martelle says:

    I love the central focus and how everything just fades away

  2. J-P says:

    Food is hard to shoot and this is very well done. I often struggle with getting the white balance right, or trying to capture enough light. Was there a lot of post processing?

  3. fliphappy says:

    Good question! Yes, I process almost all work through Adobe Lightroom. The recipe for this one was fairly simple — I adjusted the brightness curve (“tone curve”), added a touch of vignetting and warmth, and reduced the noise.

    I find that the macro setting on my point & shoot little Canon works pretty well for food. Using the manual setting along with the self-timer, I make sure increase the exposure time so as to account for the low lighting.

    Plus I also try find something nearby stable enough to set the camera on — glass, bowl, etc. Or those little tripods come in handy, too.

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