The Best of 2010: The Kevin Brennan Band

I choose this photo because it marked for me the culmination of three years worth of work from Hobby to a sense of legitimacy after starting my life over again.  Three years ago I suddenly had the freedom to be or do whatever I wanted after a long period of subjugation.  At thirty one I had to ask myself what kind of artist am I now.  I knew that I wanted to return to some kind of artistic endeavor.  Would I paint? Write music again? I felt the pull of Photography.  This particular photo was taken over a very busy weekend that started with full access to the Kevin Brennan Band in front of a full house at the Sherman Theater and concluded the next morning with a scheduled Lingerie shoot that also went very well.  All of a sudden I found myself very busy as a photographer with gigs lined up.  Over the last three years it’s been a lot of fun.  Everything from getting involved in the local art scene to helping JP with a shoot to taking part in this Blog, it’s a constant joy.  This thing keeps getting bigger and bigger. With this photo I conclude 2010 and look forward to everyone’s work in 2011.

Entire Shoot

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One Response to The Best of 2010: The Kevin Brennan Band

  1. J-P says:

    I’m always happy to see your work. You keep pushing yourself more and more, and it shows. I look forward to seeing your stuff in 2011.

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